Call for Concept Papers: Moore Foundation – Due Friday 4/25/14

Call for Concept Papers: Moore Foundation

I am pleased to invite you to submit brief concept papers for consideration for discussion with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. While the Moore Foundation does not anticipate any open calls for proposals through 2015, they have indicated a willingness to review selected concepts on an ad hoc basis. If the program officers feel a promising and innovative idea aligns with the Foundation’s goals, and if funding is available, they may initiate a conversation about a possible grant. These are typically for projects two to four years duration with annual costs $500,000 or under.

The Moore Foundation supports fundamental science research that generates new knowledge, is early in its implementation, and would not likely be funded by federal agencies or other funders. Such awards have been given in a range of disciplines, including the physical, biological and information sciences, and development of novel research instrumentation. Biomedical research is not supported.

The Foundation uses four filters in its review of proposals:

  1. The importance of the work.
  2. The likelihood that Moore Foundation support will make a difference, i.e. enable project success.
  3. Will it have a portfolio effect (enable other research)?
  4. Measurability of the project outcomes.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please submit a one page description of your work, including a one-sentence description, a brief abstract summarizing the project, and a recent CV, to The concept paper should address the filters outlined above. The description should include the amount being requested, but does not require a detailed budget. These descriptions should be received no later than Friday, April 25th.

All concept papers will be internally reviewed, and up to four of those projects most aligned with the foundation’s goals will be discussed with the Moore Foundation staff. Please note that because this is not an open call from the Moore Foundation, all inquiries should be directed to Jacob Levin, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development, in the UCI Office of Research (

John C. Hemminger
Vice Chancellor for Research
Professor of Chemistry


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