Research Administration is Working Remotely

Research Administration is Working Remotely


Dear Colleagues,

As UCI returns to on-campus operations, it is important for our clients to know that all Research Administration (RA)staff will continue working remotely indefinitely.  Even though we will continue to work from home, we want you to know that our commitment to excellence is as strong as ever, and we will continue to deliver high-quality client services.

Below, I provide Frequently Asked Questions so that you know what to expect regarding communications and collaborations with RA staff:


  1. If RA staff are not on campus, how do I contact them?

    All RA staff remain available at their current telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  Clients may also communicate with RA staff using Zoom or MS Teams.  Staff e-mail signatures will contain information about how to best to reach them.  In addition, Human Research Protections staff hold office hours to help answer client questions and provide advice.

  1. What if I need to meet one-to-one with a staff member, or if I need to schedule a group meeting involving one or more RA staff?

    RA Staff are available for one-to-one and group meetings via Zoom or MS Teams.  Zoom, however, is the preferred platform.

  1. Will RA staff be available for in-person meetings on campus or at other UCI facilities?

    Because RA staff work from home, the most effective and efficient use of their time is to remotely patriciate in such meetings.  We ask that our clients be flexible to accommodate and facilitate our remote participation.

  1. What will happen to the Quarterly Research Administration and Management (QRAM) meetings hosted by RA?

    During the pandemic, RA hosted virtual QRAMs using Zoom and the number of participants far exceeded attendance at pre-pandemic, in-person QRAMS.  We recognize that this technology platform enables more people to interact with RA staff and each other without leaving their work locations.  Therefore, to reach as many participants as possible, RA will continue to host virtual QRAMs via Zoom.

  1. As a client, what can I do to help RA staff be successful remote workers?

    Clients can help us be successful by being flexible and by using the communication modes noted above.  Also, please consider the timing of communications.  For all RA staff, their workplace is now their home, and effectively balancing their work and life responsibilities is vitally important to their well-being, work-life satisfaction, and most importantly promoting a highly engaged workforce.

Bruce Morgan

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration


[1] Research Administration consists of the following units Sponsored Projects Administration (including the Research Engagement and Facilitation Team), Human Research Protections, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Team, and Electronic Research Administration.

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