New Joint 700U/IRB Conflict of Interest Review

Starting September 25th, there will be a new process that combines the State and IRB related conflict of interest reviews for “Joint 700U/IRB Proposals,” which are projects that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Non-governmental sponsor (check exempt sponsor list for exceptions).
  • Sponsor made the decision to fund the project at proposal stage (ex. industry clinical trial). The Form 700U is no longer required as part of the minimum required documents for industry clinical trials.
  • New funding is linked to a new IRB application.

Research projects in this Joint 700U/IRB Proposal category will upload the Form 700U with their new IRB Application (e-APP).

The KC Proposal and the New IRB Application Questions and instructions will be updated accordingly.  In progress proposals will need to update their KC Questions starting September 25th.  For more information including instructions on how to update the KC Questions and best practices, refer to the Non-Governmental Sponsors handout.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.  This new process is a reflection of the Office of Research’s dedication to find new ways to eliminate administrative burden and expedite the research administration process.

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