New IRB Fee Structure for sIRB

Effective July 1, 2020, the single IRB (sIRB) process will have a new fee structure thatreflects the HRP service level when submitting the study to a non-UCI IRB.  There will be two tiers.  The Self-Service model allows the research team to submit to the non-UCI IRB. In the Full-Service model, the UCI sIRB Team will administer the submission.

  • The sIRB fee for Self-Service will be $975.00.
  • The sIRB fee for Full-Service remains at $1800.00.

When requesting that UCI rely on another non-UCI IRB, please be sure to:

  1. Complete a UCI IRB Application,
  2. In Section 6 of the UCI IRB Application, indicate that UCI will rely on another non-UCI IRB.  Next, select either “Self-Service” or “Full-Service.”
  3. In addition, be sure to complete and submit Appendix R.

Submitting the UCI IRB Application enables the HRP sIRB team to perform the required local ancillary clearance process (e.g., Conflict of Interest, Radiation Safety Review, etc.).  This review applies to both tiers and must occur prior before submission to the non-UCI IRB.

The Office of Research will be arranging training sessions with Western IRB (WIRB) and Advarra; our most utilized non-UCI IRBs so that UCI Researchers can become familiar with their protocol submission systems.  Once we finalize the dates, we will announce them on the IRB Listserv.

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