Kuali Research Protocols (KRP): Exempt Research Changes & Transcribing

This is a reminder for researchers that not all changes to UCI IRB-confirmed exempt research requires a protocol amendment.  When an amendment is required, the protocol must be transcribed in KRP.  This process takes significant time and requires researcher input even after the ERA team transcribes the protocol. 

For a less burdensome and more expeditious experience, we highly recommend that researchers submit a new exempt protocol in KRP (this should take no more than one hour).  Once submitted, the protocol will immediately go into the UCI IRB queue.    UCI IRB review should take 3-4 weeks at most. Then, once you receive notice that the IRB approved the new exempt protocol, please submit a closing report for the prior exempt protocol in KRP.

For more information about KRP, please see the original announcement. Please contact HRP Stafffor questions related to IRB submissions, and please contact ERA for technical questions related to KRP.

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