KRP Form Updated

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Institutional Review Board
Human Research Protections (HRP)
– September 12, 2022 –

UPDATE: KRP form 2.0 is scheduled to be released after 5pm on September 23, 2022.  


  • Drafts of new projects that are not submitted by the above deadline will be converted to form 2.0. This may result in additional prompts that must be addressed. HRP reccomends that drafts of new projects be submitted prior to the above deadline.

  • New projects that have already been submitted are NOT impacted and will remain on the prior version of the KRP form.

HRP has updated the KRP form for new projects to address feedback provided from UCI faculty, staff, students, IRB members, and IRB partners. Below is a list of notable updates:

Workflow with solid fill

New Project Status section (at the bottom of the form)

This section will be updated by HRP staff when the transaction status has changed.

Classroom with solid fill

New distinct form for Social/ Behavioral/ Educational research
  • Simplified forms for Expanded Access, Right to Try, and Humanitarian Use Device
  • Revised workflow for Emergency Use
List with solid fill

  • Reformatted with large font for prompts and normal font for guidance 
  • Revised prompts for further clarifiation
  • Enabled text formatting in sections requiring more detailed information
  • Reorganized with more section breaks
  • Revised form logic for accuracy

For IRB questions or regulatory/institutional guidance, please contact HRP Staff or visit Office Hours.

For KRP technical questions or issues, please contact ERA.

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