Use of Revised IACUC Application Forms – CLARIFICATION

As announced on February 21, 2014, the IACUC Protocol Application has been revised with a new version (labeled as “Version 3.1” in the lower left corner).

For all new and three-year-renewal submissions, the new version must be used.  New and three-year renewal submissions will not be accepted on older versions of the form after March 31, 2014.

HOWEVER, the new form should NOT be used for submission of modification requests:

For modification requests to an existing approved protocol, please request an editable version of your currently approved protocol application from our office by sending an email to We will send you the current version of your protocol to revise. DO NOT rewrite your revised narrative on the new version of the protocol application .

If you have any questions about which form to use, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at (949) 824-8664 or -8984.

Text of previous announcement:

February 21, 2014 announcement:

New and Improved IACUC Application Now Available!

The IACUC Protocol Application has been revised and is now available online at .  This form is designed for use with both New and Three-Year Renewal submissions to the IACUC – staff, committee members and campus veterinarians have worked hard to improve its clarity and ease of use.   

Please delete any saved versions of the IACUC Protocol Application that you may have saved to your computer – older versions of the application will not be accepted after March 31, 2014.    

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at .


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