Updated Supplemental Heat Guidelines



Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Updated Guidelines

Supplemental Heat in Anesthetized Animals

Guidelines for providing supplemental heat in anesthetized animals to prevent hypothermia have been updated:

  • Human/home-use electric heating pads MUST NOT be used for any species, as these are not designed for use during animal anesthesia.  These heating pads have uneven gradients and can cause hyperthermia and thermal injuries.
  • Heat lamps MUST NOT be used for any species, as these are unreliable and can cause hyperthermia and thermal injuries.For USDA-covered non-rodent mammals (e.g., pig, sheep) undergoing survival and terminal surgeries, circulating water blankets or forced air warming system MUST be used.
  • Equipment that is not approved for use should NOT be retained for “back-up” use when approved equipment is unavailable.  If labs do not have approved equipment available, they should not schedule and must not conduct procedures without timely veterinary consult and approval.

For details, see updated guidelines:

Researchers must replace all unacceptable devices by February 15, 2024. If an extension is needed, submit your request to IACUC@uci.edu.

For questions about supplemental heat use in animals, consult with Veterinarians.






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