IACUC Facility Inspections

The IACUC will be conducting its federally mandated semi-annual facility inspections during the next several weeks – the schedule is posted on our website.

During the inspections, IACUC members may request information and records related to your IACUC approved protocol and use of animals. In preparation, please:

·Ensure that your laboratory and vivarium housing areas are clean, orderly and in satisfactory condition

·Arrange to have personnel available in your laboratory during the inspection period in case they have questions regarding the procedures performed on live animals in your laboratory and/or vivarium.

Members of the site visit team may also ask about the following:

1.Storage and use of drugs and medical materials, including Controlled Substances.

2.Training records for all members of the laboratory staff, and enrollment in the Laboratory Animal Occupational Health Program.

3.Use of aseptic technique for survival surgeries, including proper sterilization of instruments

Please contact the IACUC Administrative Office if you have any questions regarding these inspections.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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