Changes in IACUC Training Requirements


Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)


Changes in IACUC Training Requirements

Laboratory Procedure Personnel Training Records
& ULAR Researcher Training Class

As part of quality assurance for the animal research program, the following changes have been made regarding personnel training requirements when working with live animals in research, teaching, and training:

  1. Researchers are required to maintain Laboratory Procedure Personnel Training Records

    The training of research personnel in protocol-specific study procedures and verification of competency must be documented.


    See sample Personnel Training Record Log Template, which can be customized to your specific procedures – Researchers may either adopt this template or develop their own documentation methods to meet the requirements.


    These personnel procedure training records are to be maintained by researchers and made available when requested by the IACUC.


  2. ULAR Researcher Training Class required as part of IACUC Training Requirements

    Prior to individuals being listed as authorized personnel on an approved animal use protocol, completion of the ULAR Researcher Training Class is required.


These two changes are effective immediately and apply to new personnel being added to animal use protocols.

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