A Message to All Principal Investigators – Thanksgiving Holiday Reminder

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

Thanksgiving Holiday Reminder

It may be the holidays, but your research animals are still here!

During the Thanksgiving holiday break, it is vitally important that laboratory staff remember their animals and maintain all required monitoring and care as described in their approved IACUC protocols. 

A limited number of ULAR staff members will be working during the Thanksgiving break, but if you have animals in campus vivaria or in your labs, it is your responsibility as Lead Researcher/Principal Investigator to ensure that the animals receive the same quality of care as they would at any other time.  Be sure to identify members of the lab who are responsible for animal care, and ensure that backup systems are in place to monitor all animals as needed.

If you need assistance during the Thanksgiving holiday break, please call (949) 824-7788 and follow the recorded instructions to reach on-call veterinary and husbandry staff.

Research animal care and welfare is always paramount. Therefore, please report any concerns regarding animal welfare to the IACUC.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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