Timely Submission of your Renewal & Amendment in KRP!

Recommendation: Submit a renewal 8 weeks prior to protocol expiration!

UCI Researchers Submitting a Renewal:
Access your hSCRO Protocol in KRP

UCSB Researchers Submitting a Renewal:
Follow these instructions to access the hSCRO Database in KRP

Submitting a hSCRO Protocol Renewal In KRP: 

  • Open your protocol and on the right side, click “Renew & Amend” 
  • If there are no changes to your protocol at the time of renewal
    • under “Protocol Changes” select “NO, the renewal does not require changes”
  • If any changes / amendments need to be submitted for hSCRO review:

    hSCRO Staff can help!


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    To SUBSCRIBE: Send a blank email to: or-hscro+subscribe@uci.edu
    To UNSUBSCRIBE: Send a blank email to: or-hscro+unsubscribe@uci.edu

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