All Changes Require an Amendment

Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (hSCRO)

All Changes Require an

OR-hSCRO listserv June 11, 2024

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Remember: Any change to a hSCRO protocol requires a prospectively submitted amendment, reviewed and approved by the UCI hSCRO, prior to implementation.

  • Visit the hSCRO Protocol Amendment webpage for additional information.
  • Access Kuali Research ProtocolsNeed help? Use the KRP User Guide
  • Once in the hSCRO protocol, on the right side, click, “Amend.”
  • When in the Amendment Section, select “Amendment: hSCRO.”
  • Be sure to describe each and every change being made.
  • In general, the type of review (e.g., subcommittee or full committee) review depends on the significance and complexity of the change being requested. One thing is fairly certain however: missing details will delay hSCRO review.

Additional Resources and Announcements for hSCRO Researchers:

STEMCELL Technologies iPS Cell Line may now be added via subcommittee!  

  • STEMCELL Technologies now offers an iPSC line made from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of a healthy female donor
  • The cell line has been reviewed by the UCI hSCRO; It may be added via a subcommittee review process.
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