Updated Conflict of Interest Forms

Implementation Date: June 1st, 2021

To facilitate the conflict of interest review process, the Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee (COIOC) revised the Conflict of Interest (COI) Form questions to promote clarity and focus on gathering only the information necessary for their review.  These new forms are already available online and we encourage you start using them even before the implementation date.  Starting June 1st, 2021, only the updated versions will be accepted.

Type of StudyCOI Form
Public Health Service (PHS) (including National Institutes of Health) compliant studiesAnnual Form 810 (Updated)
Form 820 addendum (Updated)
Non-governmental SponsorsForm COI-1CA addendum (New form)
IRB protocols, National Science Foundation compliant studies, and OtherForm COI-1 addendum (Updated)
Research GiftsForm COI-2 addendum (Updated)
Non-UCI Investigators/ResearchersForm COI-3 addendum (Updated)

The Annual Form 810 is requested on an annual basis when an investigator has a positive Kuali Research Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure and is on at least one active PHS or PHS compliant study.  The COI staff request the COI Addenda Forms once they determine that the researcher/investigator’s financial interests need to COIOC review.  COI Addenda are typically the final forms requested by the COI staff in preparation for the COIOC review.

The Form 700U remains unchanged.

Questions?  Please contact the COI team at coioc@research.uci.edu.

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