Webinar Viewing at the UCI Student Center: Eye on NIH Policy: OMB Uniform Guidance – What It Means for NIH & You

Dear Colleagues:


Sponsored Projects and Contracts and Grants Accounting will view the NIH webinar at the UCI Student Center in Emerald Bay A (details regarding the webinar are set forth below). There are a few seats (approximately 40) available for those who would like to join us. There is no need to respond. Seating will be available on a first come- first served basis.




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Dear Colleagues:


NIH is hosting an interactive Q&A  concerning the agency’s implementation of Uniform Guidance, on Thursday, Mar 12, 2015 from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PDT. This session and accompanying webinar are designed for both research administrators and faculty who work with NIH grants. 

The PowerPoint presentation titled "NIH Implementation of Uniform Guidance" is pre-recorded and available on the NIH Grants YouTube Channel. View the presentation video in advance so that you can develop your list of unanswered questions for the Interactive Q&A.

To Get your Questions Answered during the Interactive Q&A:

  • Use the Questions and Comments box on the registration form in advance of the Interactive Q&A,


  • During the Interactive Q&A, you can submit questions using the GoToWebinar control panel or via the phone feature.

Registration Required for the Q&A:

If you would like to join NIH on March 12 for this discussion, you must register at:


UCI Research Administrators:  Please redistribute this message to relevant faculty in your area.  This is a real opportunity for them, and for you, to learn more about Uniform Guidance implementation at the NIH directly from the source.

For more information about this webinar please visit: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/webinar_docs/webinar_20150315.htm .

Thank you.

Greg Ruth
Communications Manager

Office of Research




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