UCI UCPath Project Executive Sponsor Update | Composite Benefit Rate Mitigation Plan

Ron Cortez - CFO and Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration

UCPath = UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping, and Human Resources

UCI will transition to Composite Benefit Rates (CBR) with the implementation of UCPath. A composite benefit rate is an average cost of benefits for an employee group. Departments will be charged for benefits based on the CBRs for their employee group(s), rather than actual benefit costs for each employee.

CBR was first communicated in November 2018, along with projected rates to use in proposal budgets. However, contract and grant proposals that predate the new methodology may experience a budget shortfall due to the new rates.

UCI is implementing a CBR mitigation plan for contracts and grants that may be negatively impacted. Principle Investigators will have the opportunity to request supplemental funding prior to the close of the award to offset the impact, if the award meets the following criteria:

  • Impacted fund must be a sponsored agreement (industry clinical trials are exempt).
  • Sponsored agreement proposal was submitted prior to November 1, 2018.
  • Sponsored agreement is active or within 90 days of the end date at the time of mitigation request.
  • CBR methodology impacts sponsored agreement by 5% of project’s annual expenditures or exceeds $5,000.

Use the guidance document and calculation sheet to determine if the sponsored agreement qualifies for the mitigation plan: https://budgetoffice.uci.edu/pdf/cbr/CBR-Impact-Calculation-Sheet-FINAL.xlsx

Submit the Composite Benefit Rates Impact Calculation Sheet with a copy of the approved award budget to Nancy Im at nancyim@uci.edu in the Budget Office.

Please refer to the UCPath Composite Benefit Rate webpage for additional information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience and understanding as we work together to address potential budget shortfalls for sponsored agreements under the new CBR methodology.


Ronald S. Cortez, JD, MA
Chief Financial Officer
Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration

Executive Sponsor

Ronald S. Cortez
Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration (DFA)

Steering Committee

Ramona Agrela
UCI Human Resources

Sriram Bharadwaj
UCI Medical Center

Rebecca Brusuelas-James
Health Affairs

Jean Chin
Academic Personnel

Kian Colestock
Office of Information Technology

Rick Coulon – Committee Chair
Division of Finance and Administration

Brian Fahnestock
DFA | Accounting & Fiscal Services

Martha Graciano
School of Medicine

Gillian Hayes
Graduate Division

Pamela James
Human Resources – Campus

Jeff Lefkoff
Academic Affairs

Bob Moulton – Project Director
DFA | UCPath

Neil Myers
UCI Medical Center

Heike Rau
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Benedicte Shipley
School of Biological Sciences

William Von Der Ahe
UCI Medical Center

Stephen Whelan
Human Resources – People Services

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