Reminder: KC Data/Proposal Finalization Project

Dear KC Users,

As you are aware, the eRA team is conducting a clean-up of proposals in KC so that proposals submitted in FY16 may be counted in your School’s/Department’s FY 16 proposal data. Although these proposals have been submitted to the sponsor, the data has not yet been finalized. Failure to finalize the proposal record in KC in a timely manner will result in these proposals being excluded from UCI’s FY16 institutional proposal data. Accuracy of our institutional data is very important and we need your help in this regard.

How can you help?

·        Check your KC Action List today! If you have a proposal pending your revision,

         please make the revision and route it back to SPA as soon as possible.

·        Respond promptly if contacted by one of the individuals listed below.

·        As we continue finalizing older proposals, PIs may receive an email notification

         stating that their proposal has been submitted. This notification can be

         disregarded. (The notification has since been disabled.)

Please keep in mind: In order for proposals to be available for campus reporting, they must first be finalized. We cannot finalize proposals when they are pending revisions with the Initiator. 

In the coming weeks, you may be contacted via email or phone by one or all of the following individuals who are assisting with this project:

Lucinda Wong 

Vi Chang 

Adriana Ascencio 

If you have any questions, please contact Lucinda Wong:

Thank you,

Nancy Lewis

Executive Director, Sponsored Projects


Sponsored Projects Administration

UCI Office of Research

5171 California Avenue, Suite 150

Irvine, CA  92697-7600

PH:  (949) 824-2897

Fax: (949) 824-2094



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