Procurement Conflict of Interest (COI) Review Process

The purpose of the Procurement Conflict of Interest (COI) Review is to verify that a proposed entity/organization is eligible to be a subrecipient or contractor per UC policies. If the entity poses a Procurement COI, then an alternative subrecipient or contractor will need to be selected. To avoid a delay or disapproval, this review should be completed prior to collecting all the documents for the proposal application.


On December 15, 2023, an additional question will be added to the Kuali Research Proposal Development with instructions to highlight this process. Procurement Services, in collaboration with the Office of Research, have also developed a new webpage, Procurement Services Conflict of Interest Guidance, to describe this process and provide tips.


Questions on how to initiate this process? Contact your Contracts & Grants Officer.

Questions on the Procurement COI form? Contact


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