NSF Project Reporting Pilot Begins December 3, 2012

Dear UCI Principal Investigators and Contract and Grant Administrators:

UC Irvine will be participating in the National Science Foundation’s
(“NSF”) Phase II pilot of the new project reporting capability in
Research.gov. http://Research.gov

This new reporting module will be for the submission of annual, final,
and interim project reports for all current NSF awards. In early 2013,
NSF will completely transfer all project reporting from FastLane to
Research.gov — meaning Principal Investigators will use Research.gov
instead to meet the NSF project reporting requirements.

As part of this pilot, NSF will be adjusting the project report due
and/or overdue dates so that our PIs remain in compliance with their
award terms and conditions. The adjusted due dates will be posted on
Research.gov beginning December 3, 2012.

What PIs Need to Do:

* Complete and submit any project reports already started in
FastLane by 5:00pm EST, November 12, 2012.
Please note that any project reports completed in Fastlane and
returned by the Program Officer are exempt from this deadline and may be
submitted in Fastlane up to December 2, 2012.

* Refrain from starting any new project reports in FastLane on or
after 5:00pm EST, November 12, 2012.
If PIs submit project reports via FastLane during this time,
they run the risk of having their reports lost.

* There will be a period where no new reports are to be submitted
to NSF (Nov.12-Dec.2).
During this time, NSF will be transitioning the reporting module
to Research.gov.

* Start using Research.gov to prepare and submit project reports
to NSF beginning 7:00am EST on December 3, 2012.

**We must emphasize how important it is that PIs DO NOT submit any
project reports via FastLane on or after 5:00pm EST, November 12, 2012.
If a report is submitted in FastLane during this time, the report may be
lost and the PI may be required to start a new one in Research.gov.**

The new Project Reporting Dashboard in Research.gov will make it easier
for PIs, Co-PIs, and the Sponsored Projects Office to see which reports
are due or overdue, and will also act as a repository for all reports
submitted to NSF.

How Can You Learn More?

For more information about the transition of Project Reports to
Research.gov, please click here
top/PublicOutcomesReport.html> . Additionally, you may register for a
Research.gov webinar:

* November 16: How Can Research.gov http://Research.gov Help
* January 16: Project Reports on Research.gov
http://Research.gov : What’s In It for Me?

If you would like to register, please email webinars@research.gov. Also,
if you have any technical issues during the pilot, please contact the
Research.gov Help Desk at Rgov@nsf.gov or 1-800-381-1532.

Attached you will find: 1) a Getting Started Guide that provides basic
instructions on how to use Research.gov, and 2) a Fact Sheet on Project
Reports. We will continue to disseminate more information as we receive
it from NSF.

Please feel free to contact your Contract & Grant Officer
in Sponsored Projects Administration if you have any questions.


* Project Reporting Fact Sheet
* Project Report Getting Started Guide

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default iconProject Report Getting Started Guide_general.pdf.pdf

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