NSF Completed Enhancements to Research.gov Project Reporting on March 17

Dear Colleagues:

NSF has released the following notice regarding enhancements to research.gov.  Please read, and redistribute broadly to faculty and researchers in your area.

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Greg Ruth
Communications Manager

Office of Research



The National Science Foundation (NSF) Completed Enhancements to Research.gov Project Reporting on March 17


Since October 2012, Principal Investigators (PIs) have used Research.gov to successfully submit over 47,000 project reports to the National Science Foundation (NSF). Over that time, NSF has received feedback and suggestions from NSF awardees and Program Officers (POs) on how to further improve project reporting. The following enhancements, based on awardee and NSF staff feedback, were implemented on March 17th:

– POs will view project reports in HTML rather than PDF, which will allows POs and PIs to view the same layout for a project report.

– NSF will pre-populate the Products, Organization and Participants sections of a project report from information previously submitted in Research.gov. This will save awardees time and reduce redundant data entry.

– The progress report pages will be redesigned to optimize space, minimize scrolling efforts, and become more user-friendly. The default setting for non-critical sections will be "hidden", users will be able to click "Show Report and Progress Summary" to view sections as needed.

– PIs will be able to edit reporting periods for an Interim Project Report (IPR). This will allow PIs to accurately report specific dates applicable to the task(s) being reported upon.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on upcoming events or future enhancements to Research.gov and/or FastLane, subscribe to our new System Updates NSF listserv. This listserv is available to both NSF staff and awardees. To subscribe, simply email:  system_updates-subscribe-request@listserv.nsf.gov and you will be automatically enrolled.

Where should PIs go for help with project reports?

– Online Help:  http://www.research.gov/common/robohelp/public/WebHelp/Research.htm#Welcome_to_the_Research_gov_Help_System.htm

– Project Report Informational Page:  http://www.research.gov/research-portal/appmanager/base/desktop?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=research_node_display&_nodePath=/researchGov/Service/Desktop/PublicOutcomesReport.html

– NSF Help Desk:  http://www.research.gov/research-portal/appmanager/base/desktop?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=research_contact_us

If you have any additional feedback on project reporting, please email feedback@research.gov.

Thank You,

The Research.gov Team

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