NOT-OD-14-014 – Additional Clarification on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities

Dear Colleagues,

This Notice provides additional clarification to the guidance on resumption of NIH extramural activities following the recent lapse in appropriations.

  • All standard due dates in October have been rescheduled for November. The R21/R33 activity code was inadvertently missed in prior guidance. New R21/R33 applications originally due on October 16, 2013 are now due on November 18, 2013.
  • The statement ‘Make the refreshed application a "new", "resubmission" or "renewal" to match the withdrawn application.’ should have also included "revision".
  • Applicants should designate ‘Changed/Corrected Application’ as the Type of Submission on the SF424 R&R cover form of their refreshed applications.

NIH will continue to expand its FAQs and web page to consolidate information as additional questions from applicants are encountered.


If you have any questions, please contact a  Contract and Grant Officer assigned to your unit.

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