NIH’s Electronic Research Administration “LikeThis” Tool

NIH’s Electronic Research Administration “LikeThis” Tool

As presented at the March QRAM, the “LikeThis” tool is available to
assist Principal Investigators who may be considering which NIH
Institute and study section to list as a preference in the proposal
cover letter.

LikeThis is available as a link in eRA Commons once the PI logs in.

Scientific text from the grant application can be entered into LikeThis
(the data remains confidential) to find similar grants, including the
name of the NIH funding Institute as well as a list of the study
sections where these were reviewed.

Alternatively, the PI can access his or her own previously funded or
unfunded grants from the ‘My Applications’ tab in LikeThis to find
similarly funded grants.

Coming in July 2012: The ‘LikeThis’ tool is currently available to PIs
only. Following the July 19-20 software release, the tool will be made
available to Signing Officials as well as others with eRA Commons roles
such as Trainee, Post Doc and Assistant.

Please refer to the announcement for step-by-step instructions.

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