NIH New Closeout Procedures

Dear Colleagues,


NIH has implemented new closeout procedures as a result of a mandated policy from their parent agency, DHHS.    


This policy applies to all grants with project period end dates on or after October 1, 2014, which will include grants issued under the previous Research Terms and Conditions (RTC), as well as, those issued under the Uniform Guidance (UG).


The new policies and procedures were announced by NIH via:

  • NOT-OD-14-084 which includes a link to FAQs,
  • NIH Grants Policy Statement (particularly Section 8.6 Closeout) for FY15, and
  • The NIH Interim Guidance that was in effect until the Policy Statement became effective. 


NIH is currently identifying and providing notifications to UCI of awards previously issued with a 90 day closeout condition but which are now being updated to reflect the new 120 day closeout condition.  As a result, you may receive a notification from your assigned Contract and Grant Officer for this change on an existing NIH award, either issued under the RTC or the UG.    


Feel free to contact your assigned Contracts and Grants Officer for any questions regarding the above.



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