NIH Important Notices

Dear Colleagues:

Below are helpful summaries of recent NIH Notices.  Please read and redistribute as you feel appropriate.

Questions regarding these Notices should be directed to your Contract and Grant Officer.


Notice of Potential Delays to NIH Issuing Awards in May 2015

This Notice informs NIH applicants and grantees that NIH’s ability to issue competing and non-competing awards may be delayed for two weeks from May 19, 2015 until June 3, 2015 because of a series of software upgrades that will be made to NIH accounting and business systems. 

Extramural research activities that will be impacted by the outage:

  • No new or revised Notices of Award will be issued, regardless of grant type (e.g., New Type 1 awards, Non-competing Type 5 awards, Type 7 Transfer awards, etc).
  • No establishment or changes of EINs (Employer Identification Numbers) used to pay awards will be made.
  • No processing of No-Cost Extensions of the final budget period.  Although eRA Commons will remain available for institutions submitting these requests, and the Payment Management System will remain available for drawing down funds, NIH records will not be updated during the downtime.
  • No processing of Fellowship Activations.  Although xTrain will remain available for institutions submitting activation forms, NIH records will not be updated during the downtime.

The anticipated delay in making awards will not change the terms and conditions of any future or existing awards.  Grantees will retain the ability to incur pre-award obligations and expenditures up to 90 days before the budget period start date at their own risk throughout this period.

Please refer to the Notice for additional information.

Reporting Publications in the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

The purpose of this guide notice is to amend instructions for reporting publications in the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR). Awardees are encouraged to electronically report any publications found in Table 1 of the RPPR which were previously reported using the paper 2590 process or as part of a competing renewal application. This transitional, one-time measure to report each publication electronically in the RPPR ensures that NIH systems can store all appropriate award-publication associations.   

Please refer to the Notice of additional information.

Nancy Lewis
Director, Sponsored Projects

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