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The NIH Guide Notice below provides important information for faculty, researchers and administrators. Please disseminate this information as appropriate. Questions regarding these notices should be directed to a Contract and Grant Officer in Sponsored Projects.


NIH Implementation of the Interim-RPPR while a Renewal Application is Under Consideration
(NOT-OD-17-037) National Institutes of Health

Effective February 9, 2017, if a renewal application has been submitted on or before the date by which a Final Research Performance Progress Report (Final-RPPR) would be required for the current competitive segment, then submission of an “Interim-RPPR” via eRA Commons is now required.   Based on this requirement, the NIH will discontinue the policy for renewal applications whereby, “whether funded or not,” the progress report contained in the renewal application may serve in lieu of a separate final progress report

An Interim-RPPR link for the grant will appear in the Status tab in eRA Commons after the period of performance end date has passed. In the event that the renewal application is funded, NIH will treat the Interim-RPPR as the annual performance report for the final year of the previous competitive segment. If the renewal application is not funded, the Interim-RPPR will be treated by NIH staff as the institution’s Final-RPPR. 

Please review the full guide notice for additional information regarding this requirement.

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