New Electronic Submission Process Available for Administrative Supplement Requests

New Electronic Submission Process Now Available for Administrative
Supplement Requests


Important Points: Administrative Supplement requests may now be
submitted through either the eRA Commons or, as described in
(notification of the availability of the two pilot processes), or
through the existing, paper-based process.

NIH has published the first administrative supplement FOA. This FOA
) is available for prior approval requests to nearly all active grant
awards. All applicants are encouraged to discuss potential requests with
the awarding IC and prior to submission, applicants must review the
awarding IC’s web site to ensure they meet the IC’s requirements.

NIH will soon also publish FOAs for Research Supplements to Promote
Diversity in Health-Related Research and Supplements to Promote Re-Entry
into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers. Once published,
applicants are encouraged to use one of the two new electronic

Submissions through Applicants choosing this method will
need to complete a full supplement application package using the SF424
(R&R) forms available on

Streamlined Supplement Requests through eRA Commons: PDs/PIs and AORs
will login to the eRA Commons ,
identify the parent award that a supplement is being requested for, and
prepare an administrative supplement request.

For more detailed information regarding these processes, please use the
link below.

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