New Biosketch Format Requirement beginning January 25, 2015

Dear Colleagues:

Please take note of the new Biosketch format requirement for NIH & AHRQ applications beginning January 25, 2015:

  • New Biographical Sketch Format Required for NIH and AHRQ Grant Applications Submitted for Due Dates on or After January 25, 2015
    (NOT-OD-15-024) Office of the Director, NIH

This Notice confirms that NIH and AHRQ will require use of a new biosketch format in applications for research grants submitted for due dates on or after January 25, 2015. Between now and that time, applicants will have the choice of using the old or new biosketch format The new format extends the page limit from four to five pages, and allows researchers to describe up to five of their most significant contributions to science, along with the historical background that framed their research. Investigators can outline the central findings of prior work and the influence of those findings on the investigator’s field. . . see more

Greg Ruth
Communications Manager
Office of Research


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