Hands on Training Available-Processing Subawards in the KFS PURAP Module

Dear Colleagues:


Sponsored Projects will be hosting hands on training sessions for initiating Requisitions and Purchase Order Amendments in the Purchasing and Accounts Payable (PURAP) module in Kuali Financial System (KFS). Sessions have been scheduled both at the Irvine campus and at the Medical Center and are posted in the UCLC . Please plan to attend training prior to initiating any action on new or existing subawards. In UCLC, search for the sessions using key word “subaward”.


Orientations to processing subawards in KFS PURAP were delivered at the beginning of June. For those of you unable to attend an orientation, the materials are attached and should be reviewed prior to attending training.


We look forward to seeing you in training.




SPA Subawards Team and Kuali Coeus Team

pdf icon KFS_PURAP_Subaward_Orientation-final.pdf

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