Free NCURA Webinar: Cost Transfers: Evaluating your Current Procedures to Mitigate Risk

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The Office of Research is providing access to the Live Virtual NCURA Workshop – Cost Transfers: Evaluating your Current Procedures to Mitigate Risk to the campus community free of charge. This live webinar will be held on Monday, May 22nd at 11:00am. To register, you will need to click on the unique link below. Please do not share this link with anyone outside of the UC Irvine community. You must use your email address to register, or your registration may be cancelled by NCURA. If your NCURA account is set up with your personal email address, you’ll need to set up a free account using your email (you can do so by clicking here to create a new profile).


Unique Registration Link:


May 22, 2023

2-3:30 pm Eastern Time ~ Webinar

3:35 – 4:30 pm Eastern Time ~ After the Show Conversation

Cost transfers are always an area of high scrutiny. While the simplest suggestion is to prevent them altogether, in many cases they are unavoidable. This webinar will explore the federal requirements surrounding cost transfers and examine how two different institutions have implemented policies to monitor compliance and mitigate the risk associated with these types of transactions. We will discuss ways to ensure all cost transfers are appropriate, timely, and most importantly, sufficiently documented.  

Christyne Anderson

Associate Director, Training and Compliance

Harvard University

Kristi Bazata

Senior Director, Research Policy & Indirect Cost

Columbia University in the

City of New York

Chea Smith

Associate Controller, Cost

Analysis & Capital

Equipment Management – – Rutgers, The State

University of New Jersey

National Council of University Research Administrators

(202) 466-3894 |

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