ECAS Webinar: Ten Things You Must Know Before Taking your Laptop Overseas

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Ten Things You Must Know Before Taking your Laptop Overseas

Meeting Description:

Researchers commonly take their laptops along during overseas research-related travel. But what US regulations and prohibitions must they be aware of? Does it matter who owns the laptop, or which countries are being visited? Are there specific exemptions or exceptions which apply? Does it matter what is on the laptop? Does it matter how you log-in to your secure email overseas?


Key topics will include: 

  • Lessons learned: what to do and what to avoid
  • Special rules
  • Travel Checklists
  • Available resources

In addition, learn how privacy and security protection might conflict with export controls; why your vulnerability does not end when you return to the US; and what foreign operatives and US prosecutors have in common. 


Updated with recent events, cases and government warnings for 2013.


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Wed, May 15, 2013


10:00 AM PDT


1 hour


Tim Mulshine


 Presenter Information

Brian Warshawsky


Brian Mitchell Warshawsky serves as the Systemwide Export Control Officer for the University of California and came to the UC from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL where he worked in the Office for Research. During that time he represented Northwestern on the AAU/COGR Troublesome Clauses Taskforce I and II, led Northwestern’s Post 9/11 Faculty Chaired Research Committee and participated as a panelist and presenter for COGR, NCURA, NACUA, SSA and GUIRR programs on international contracting and export controls.   

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