ECAS Webinar: Export Control Compliance Tools I: Restricted Party Screening

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Export Control Compliance Tools I: Restricted Party Screening

Meeting Description:

You are about to ship a piece of laboratory equipment to an organization in Europe. Have you first screened the recipient to confirm they are eligible to receive it? Do you know if the recipient is listed in any restricted party, denied party, or specially designated nationals lists?


UC campuses face many challenges in the increasingly demanding arena of export controls. Many within UC rely on eCustoms’ Visual Compliance online tool as their primary compliance tool of choice, but not everyone is aware of its depth and breadth. This presentation will provide an overview of the Visual Compliance tools and resources available to conduct screening of individuals and entities against various government lists as well as new features recently added.  


When should such screening be conducted?  What questions should be asked before you ship and before you collaborate?


Even if you are already well versed on the use of Visual Compliance, this is a great opportunity to provide live training to others at your location who may need to access Visual Compliance either for shipping or for screening of foreign collaborators.


Who should attend: Individuals and departments involved in the shipping process and those collaborating or supporting collaborations with individuals and entities outside the U.S.


Part Two of this presentation will take place on July 10. 


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Wed, Jun 12, 2013


10:00 AM PDT


1 hour


Tim Mulshine



 Presenter Information

Brian Warshawsky


Brian Mitchell Warshawsky serves as the Systemwide Export Control Officer for the University of California and came to the UC from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL where he worked in the Office for Research. During that time he represented Northwestern on the AAU/COGR Troublesome Clauses Taskforce I and II, led Northwestern’s Post 9/11 Faculty Chaired Research Committee and participated as a panelist and presenter for COGR, NCURA, NACUA, SRA and GUIRR programs on international contracting and export controls.   

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