DOE Current & Pending Support Disclosure Requirements for Financial Assistance

Department of Energy Current and Pending Support Disclosure Requirements for Financial Assistance 

Department of Energy (DOE) issued a Financial Assistance Letter (FAL) instructing DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) program offices to incorporate consistent current and pending (C&P) support disclosure requirements on June 1, 2022, effective immediately. 

This FAL applies to all DOE and NNSA funding opportunity announcements (FOAs), financial assistance agreements resulting from those FOAs, and financial assistance agreements resulting from unsolicited proposals that encompass research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) activities, or technical assistance to support RD&D activities issued on or after June 1, 2022.  This new requirement will be included in FOAs and terms in the awards or included as a provision in the reporting requirements. 

Who discloses: Principal Investigators (PIs) and all other senior/key personnel 

When to disclose: 

  • FOA applicants must include current and pending support disclosures for all PIs and other senior/key personnel named in the application.   

  • For the duration of the award, if there are changes or additions to the PIs or other senior/key personnel, such person(s) must also submit C&P support disclosures within 30 days of joining the project team, or on a timeline consistent with the program office instructions.   

  • For all PIs and other senior/key personnel, if there are changes to the previously submitted C&P support disclosures, the individuals must update their disclosures within 30 days of the change, or on a timeline consistent with the program office instructions. 

What to disclose: 

  • Current and pending support: a list of all sponsored activities, awards, and appointments, whether paid or unpaid; provided as a gift with terms or conditions or provided as a gift without terms or conditions; full-time, part-time, or voluntary; faculty, visiting, adjunct, or honorary; cash or in-kind; foreign or domestic; governmental or private-sector; directly supporting the individual’s research or indirectly supporting the individual by supporting students, research staff, space, equipment, or other research expenses.  

  • Foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment programs: All involvement in foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment programs must be identified in current and pending support.   

  • DOE/NNSA program offices may also require disclosure of past support with the DOE/NNSA program office determining the past disclosure time period. 

How to disclose: certification may be required by Program Officers 

  • SciENcv– a signature, date, and a certification statement must be attached until the SciENcv website automatically attaches a certification statement (anticipated Spring 2022) 



Questions? Contact your Federal Contracts & Grants Officer 


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