DHHS Indirect Cost Rate Renewal for 2011 – 2016

Dear Colleagues,

UCI’s indirect cost rate agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services (“DHHS”) has been renewed. The rate agreement contains new indirect cost (Facilities and Administrative, F&A) rates for on-campus research projects for the period July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2016. The new rates can be found in the attached agreement and at http://www.research.uci.edu/ora/sp/faciladmincosts.htm .

For off-campus research, other sponsored activities, instruction, and clinical trials, the overhead rates will remain the same. Likewise, existing research projects will not be affected by the rate change. The indirect cost rate in effect at the time of the initial award will remain the same throughout the competitive segment of a project. Supplemental and continuation proposals should use the indirect cost rate that is applicable to the parent award in effect at the time the proposal is submitted.

Effective August 1st, all new research proposals should incorporate the new indirect cost rates for any period beyond July 1, 2011.

If you have any questions on how to apply the above rates in a proposal and/or an award, please contact any member of your Sponsored Projects team ( http://apps.research.uci.edu/orastaff/staff.cfm?view_department=spda).

Bruce Morgan

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Administration

default iconUCI signed2011FArate.pdf

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