Coordination of External Audits

Dear Colleagues:

As a public institution, UCI is subject to audit by external entities, including Federal and State auditors and independent audit firms.  As such, UCI is obligated to cooperate with external auditors by virtue of being the recipient of public and private funds that support the various activities, programs, events and operations used to further our mission of research, training, teaching and public service.

When UCI personnel receive notices about external audits, they should immediately contact Internal Audit Services (IAS).  IAS is responsible for coordinating external audit activities, including:

  • Communicating and coordinating with external auditors
  • Ensuring that documents and information requested by external auditors are provided to them by coordinating with the appropriate office of record for the requested documents and information
  • Advising UCI departments and units regarding their interactions with auditors
  • Coordinating advice and support from other UCI central administration offices, such as Accounting and Fiscal Services, Materiel and Risk Management, Office of Research, Campus Counsel, etc.

If you or anyone in your department or unit is contacted by an external auditor, receives an audit notice from an external (non-UCI) entity, or currently has an audit planned or in process, please contact the External Audit Coordinator in IAS at 949-824-7459 or the Director of Internal Audit at 949-824-6757.

Nancy Lewis
Director, Sponsored Projects


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