Clinical Research Transition – Effective Tomorrow, 5/1/24



Clinical Research Transition effective 5/1/24


All sponsored clinical research projects proposals and agreements will be reviewed and negotiated by Sponsored Project Administration to provide process clarity for faculty and sponsors, to streamline workflows, and to consolidate clinical research contracting expertise in a single administrative unit, starting May 1, 2024. Clinical research is any research involving human subjects, their data or biologic specimens, even if Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is not required. All clinical research proposals will be routed to SPA through Kuali Research Proposals (KRP). Beall Applied Innovation will continue to process and negotiate proposals for clinical education and training projects sponsored by industry.


As a result of this change, Kuali Research (KR) has been updated to include the Clinical Research Activity Type both in KR Proposal Development and KR Award. New awards for Clinical Research will be reflected in the Award Transaction Summary (ATS). The new Activity Type will be available in DW Query as well as all of OR’s standard reports.


To assist users in selecting the correct Activity Type, a help link has been added on the KR Proposal Development document on the first page. Please review the Activity Type definitions here to ensure the correct Activity Type is selected.




All proposals for industry funded Clinical Research will be routed to the Clinical Research (formerly Clinical Trials) team in Sponsored Projects Administration. The Staff by Department Assignment page is updated to reflect Officer Assignments and describe each role.


Please email if you have any questions.




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