Announcing 700U PowerForms in DocuSign!

Dear Colleagues,


With input from campus working group volunteers, Electronic Research Administration (ERA) published Form 700U PowerForms in DocuSign that allow completion and signature of the form all through DocuSign.


We are pleased to announce that the PowerForms are posted and ready to use!


The forms can be accessed from two Office of Research websites:


When visiting one of the above links, you will find two versions of the DocuSign Form 700U. Your selection is based on whether a department administrator (or delegate) is assisting a PI in completing the form or the PI is completing the entire form independently:


1.    Principal Investigator (PI) ONLY 

a.    PIs should use this link to complete the entire Form 700U themselves.

b.    Once on the DocuSign PowerForm Signer Information page, they enter their name and email as PI in the first two text boxes. 

c.       OPTIONAL: The PI may enter your (or someone else’s) name and email address in the last two text boxes to also receive a copy of the completed 700U after the PI finishes signing.


2.      Department Administrator (or delegate) and PI

a.    Use this link if you are assisting the PI in completing a portion of the form.

b.    Once on the DocuSign PowerForm Signer Information page, enter your name and email as the Department Administrator (or delegate) in the first two text boxes and enter the PI’s name and email address in the last two text boxes. 

c.     After you complete the PI information and sections one and two, the Form 700U will route to the PI to complete and sign.


NOTE: Please continue to forward the completed PDF to SPA or ISR either by request or with the proposal in KR PD. Do not add the SPA or ISR Officers into the DocuSign routing.


We still kept a direct link to the fillable PDF form for convenience, but note that after filling, it still needs to be routed for signature using DocuSign.


We hope you enjoy using these new forms! If you have any suggestions or questions, contact us at .




Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA

Director, Electronic Research Administration

UCI Office of Research

160 Aldrich Hall

Irvine, CA 92697-7600

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