A Cautionary Tale Regarding Conflict of Interest Disclosure

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Please read and share this announcement with faculty and researchers in your department/unit.  It was sent separately via Zotmail directly to academics yesterday, but we wish to ensure broad dissemination. Thank you.  – UCI Office of Research

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A Cautionary Tale Regarding Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterRecently, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center found itself in the midst of two major news stories related to conflict of interest.  One case related to the failure of a researcher to disclose his financial interests related to his research and the other case related to concerns over the relationship between a startup company and key members of the Kettering Cancer Center.

At UCI, we recognize that outside financial interests can facilitate opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and support.  The Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee and your Office of Research Conflict of Interest (COI) team partner with researchers to analyze and mitigate potential conflicts of interests.

Here are some resources we have developed to help our researchers address conflict of interest concerns:

Please feel free to contact our COI team if you have any questions or concerns related to conflict of interest in research at coioc@research.uci.edu.  Our goal is to help researchers find the balance between managing their COI risks and facilitating research.

COI Team

  • Research Engagement & Outreach Manager: Nadia Wong, nadiaw@uci.edu
  • Research Compliance & Policy Administrator: Amy Green, acgreen1@uci.edu
  • Assistant Director of Research Engagement and Facilitation: Marci Copeland, mcopelan@uci.edu



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