04/03 QRAM Materials Available Online

Dear Colleagues,

The presentations from the April 3rd QRAM are now posted on the training and education page here: https://www.research.uci.edu/sponsored-projects/education/index.html

During the EH&S session, some questions came up regarding registering trips with UC Away. Below is some additional information provided by Blaise Bautsch in EH&S:

Here are UC link to help everyone with UC Away and registering their trips.



At UCI, if anyone has any questions about what can be registered for the campus and what else UC Away can provide they can contact : campus travel department manager Christopher Richmond (949) 824-6510.

Basically if someone is doing anything which is UC business (Which can be viewed as a very broad scope) and especially if they are going 100 miles from campus, they should always register the trip with UC Away.

If someone is going on vacation, they may register the trip on UC Away. Just use the “Other” tab and fill in “Vacation” Or “Personal Trip”.

On a personal trip the UC Insurance does not kick in but the employee does have an option to purchase trip insurances through the system which is similar to the work trip insurance (this may have been worded wrong during the presentation) and I believe it’s a cheaper rate and provides for more than if they used a different trip insurance provider.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next QRAM on June 19!


Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA

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