[overlays src=”img src=”×801.jpg” in=”fadeIn” out=”fadeOut” width=”100″ height=”100″ color=”#969696″ opacity=”0.36″ text_position=”overlay_bottom_left” animation_speed=”9″ ]The Center for Evidence-Based Corrections evaluates juvenile and adult prison programs, which includes rehabilitation, parole and reentry programs.[/overlays]

Improving corrections with evidence

The Center for Evidence Based Corrections at UCI, directed by criminology, law and society professor Susan Turner, is using $1.4 million in funding from multiple organizations – including the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and the Department of State Hospitals – to support numerous research projects to better understand risk factors for prisoners and parolees, prison and parole population forecasting, evaluations of an earned discharge parole model, as well as evaluate staffing needs in psychiatric hospitals. In an effort to put science before politics when managing state correctional populations, the Center for Evidence-Based Corrections evaluates juvenile and adult prison programs – including rehabilitation, parole and reentry programs – and conducts research to help corrections officials make policy decisions based on scientific evidence. The center, which consists primarily of criminology, law and society faculty, has become a nexus for policy-oriented research and graduate student training.

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