General Points of Consideration for In-Person Research Activities – Phase 4 Research

General Points of Consideration for In-Person Research Activities – Phase 4 Research

Plan Owners along with Authorized Officials should consider the Points of Consideration described when expanding Research Activities as UCI moves through its research phases.

  1. Carefully consider the spirit of these guidelines, and always make research workforce health and safety their primary concern.
  2. Closely monitor Office of Research communications.
  3. Review the EH&S Returning to Campus Research Operations Reference Guide, and consult with EH&S to help promote health and safety in the research workplace.
  4. Follow the UCI Executive Directives.
  5. Follow health, safety, and COVID-19 guidelines and requirements issued by Environmental Health & Safety and/or UCI Health (as applicable).
  6. Continually assess Research Activities, space, facilities, and equipment for health and safety risks.
  7. Continually assess PPE and research supply stocks to minimize disruptions to research resulting from broken or slow supply chains.
  8. Review UCIs’ guidance for working alone in the lab and share this information with research team members.
  9. Review and share the Instructions for the UCI Working WellTM Daily Symptom Checker.
  10. Ensure all research team members complete the Returning to Campus training module.
  11. Set expectations for research team members regarding the hygiene procedures they should perform when they arrive on-site, while on-site, and prior to leaving.
  12. Train person on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms, staying home if they have them, and who to contact when this happens.

Communicate clearly and effectively so that all research team members understand that the work culture has changed from “tough it out” to “team member safety and health above all else”.