Guidance for Expanding Remote Research Activities

The Guidance for Remote Research Activities and Points of Consideration provided below supplement the Framework for UCI Phased Research Activities.  It applies to all UCI personnel and students engaged in Research Activities in UCI's research phases.

Remote Research Activities are all research activities, including undergraduate student and human subjects research, performed/conducted in or at a location, facility, or site that is not owned, operated, controlled, or managed by UCI.

Guidance for Remote Research Activities

This guidance cannot and does not address all the activity-specific and location-specific challenges, circumstances and scenarios that UCI’s research teams may encounter. Rather, it is general guidance intended to help faculty and independent researchers (“Plan Owners”) in developing transition plans for Remote Research Activities (“Plans”).

  • All Guiding Principles contained in the Framework for UCI Phased Research Activities apply to Remote Research Activities, as do the sections on:
    • UCI’s Research Phases,
    • Decision Making Authority,
    • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accommodations, and
    • the communication expectations contained in Communication, Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Research personnel should follow UCI Executive Directives, guidelines, policies and procedures when traveling to and from non-UCI research locations/sites.
  • Plan Owners should review the General Points of Consideration (available on the Research Continuity website) for those points applicable to their Remote Research Activities.
  • Plan Owners are responsible for ensuring that all personnel follow applicable UCI Executive Directives, and understand the policies, procedures, and requirements applicable to the site where they will conduct research.

Points of Consideration

Plan Owners and Authorized Officials should contemplate the below Points of Consideration when developing and reviewing Plans.

  • Do the Remote Research Activities align with the current applicable UCI Research Phase? If not, delay these activities until a later phase.
  • If non-UCI personnel (e.g., collaborators from other institutions) will actively engage in the Remote Research Activities, coordinate with them ahead of time to jointly develop mutually acceptable safety protocols and protective measures.  The location and nature of the research will likely be determinative factors.
  • Register travel with UC Away if not booked through the UC Connexxus Travel program.
  • Follow applicable physical distancing and face covering requirements at the research location and while transiting to the location (e.g., commercial air travel and other forms of publicly-accessed transportation require travelers to wear face coverings).

All UCI personnel should follow UCI’s Working Well Program.  No one should participate in Remote Research Activities if they are feeling ill (for any reason).