Hello RMS User:

RMS should be back online by now. Let the ERA Team know if you’re still encountering issues.


The ERA Team

From: OR – Electronic Research Administration
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2021 8:43 AM
To: ‘or-era@department-lists.uci.edu’ or-era@department-lists.uci.edu
Cc: Jessica Sheldon jessica.sheldon@uci.edu; Angelina Oh angelo1@uci.edu; Anuradha Mathur anuradhm@uci.edu; Ariana C. Vazquez acvazque@uci.edu; Audrey Covarrubias-Aguilera acovarr3@uci.edu; Beverley Alberola beverley.alberola@uci.edu; Boram Choung choungb@uci.edu; Chien-Li Yang chienliy@uci.edu; Diana Li dwli@uci.edu; Elide Flores elidef@uci.edu; Jessica German jagerman@uci.edu; Joy Chu joy.chu@uci.edu; Laurie Sather LSATHER@uci.edu; Melanie Fabian melanie.fabian@uci.edu; Melissa Camarena mccamare@uci.edu; Melissa Eng melissle@uci.edu; Mihaela Nistor mnistor@uci.edu; Muriel Marroquin murielam@uci.edu; Muzhgan Afzal muzhgana@uci.edu; Rachna Basu rachna.basu@uci.edu; Valerie Sanchez valerie.ms@uci.edu; Vickie Langille vickie.langille@uci.edu; Victoria Do victoria.do@uci.edu; William Kettler wkettler@uci.edu; Yolitzma Gonzalez yolitzmg@uci.edu
Subject: RMS is OFFLINE
Importance: High

Dear Users,

RMS is currently unavailable. OIT is currently looking into it and working on a resolution.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the ERA Team (era@research.uci.edu).

Thank you,

The ERA Team