KC Scheduled Downtime Wednesday Evening 8:00PM-8:30PM (8/31/2016)

Dear Kuali Coeus Community,

KC will be unavailable tonight 8/31/2016 from 8:00PM-8:30PM for routine maintenance and deployment of enhancements. Please read below for items of interest.

KC Conflict of Interest

·End of Transition Period, effective September 1, 2016: All ‘New’, ‘In Progress’, and ‘Saved’ PHS/NSF* Proposal Documents must comply with new KC COI procedure, including completion of electronic Annual COI Disclosures by all Investigators prior to proposal submission to sponsor. Old Financial Disclosure Forms 800 and 900 will no longer be accepted.

oPrincipal Investigators and Proposal Creators/Initiators must ensure that:

§all Investigators have been added to the KC Proposal Document, and

§the COI Questions in the Questions Tab have been updated if necessary, such as in cases where the KC Proposal Document was copied from an existing KC PD.

·New Validation Error in Proposal Development:

oFailure to update COI Questions in Questions tab will result in a validation error that will prevent submit to workflow.

·Revisions to electronic Annual Disclosure form:

oRemoval of third question regarding travel.

§Annual Disclosures previously designated ‘Positive’ due answering ‘yes’ to this question will be reexamined with the new rules.

oAddition of note instructing Investigators to follow link in confirmation email to disclose Travel, if necessary.

·Zot!Portal update to clarify/reword “Create New PHS Travel Disclosure” link.

·Personnel Document:

oDefault expanded panels requiring review: Award Details, Personnel, Non-UCI Investigator Questions.

oNew ‘Request Annual Disclosure’ Button.

§Initiator can click “Request Annual Disclosure” button at the bottom of the Personnel Document to generate COI email to all listed Investigators.


To access KC COI implementation resources, transition period information, QuickStart Guides, training videos for the new Annual COI Disclosure process, please visit the Annual COI Disclosure Implementation web page. Available training materials include How to Complete Your Annual Disclosure for Investigators, Annual Disclosure Tips, and Master Disclosure Tips. Training resources will be updated this evening to reflect the changes above.

*PHS/NSF in this context is PHS, NSF, flow-through funding from PHS or NSF, and organizations adopting PHS or NSF regulations


·Bug fixes and technical improvements to routing and connectivity.

·Other items for internal users.

Please contact era@research.uci.edu if you have any questions regarding this scheduled downtime or anything else in the contents of this email. Thank you.

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