IRB Full Committee Agenda Notification:

Repeat Emails to Researchers

Agenda Clearance:

When a researcher submits an item for full committee review, Human Research Protections (HRP) Staff verify that the item – a modification request, continuing application, or new application – is ready for review.

HRP Staff assure that the item is complete; including required signatures and that the item has cleared all ancillary committees, as applicable. HRP Staff also make sure that the agenda does not exceed the 25 item limit (up to 10 new applications). This process is referred to as the “Agenda Clearance.”

Not on the Agenda:

When an item is determined not ready for IRB review an email notice is sent to the lead researcher and the administrative contacts.

Sometimes it takes several weeks, over multiple IRB agendas for an item to be ready for review. When this happens HRP Staff have been sending repeat email notices to the research team explaining that the item is not on the agenda.

What has Changed?

Effective with the October 10, 2014 agenda, once a submission is determined not ready for IRB review, and the reason remains unchanged, HRP Staff will no longer send repeat email notices to the research team.

The research team should retain the initial email notice which outlines what is needed to be considered ready for full committee review. Once an item is ready for review, the IRB Staff will send a pre-review memo to the lead researcher and the administrative contacts notifying them that the item is on the agenda.

Additional Information:

When planning IRB submissions, researchers should refer to the HRP webpage for information about ancillary committee requirements and how these committees relate to the IRB full committee review process.

Do you have any questions or comments?

Contact Beverley Alberola, Associate Director of HRP at or 949-824-5746

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