A note from ERA on Protocol Transcription

Dear Colleagues,

This email is to provide an update from ERA on protocol transcription.

The current lead time for protocol transcription is up to 15 business days

      • However, we are hopeful to reduce this time frame over the month of October
        • Additional two part time team members dedicated to transcription
        • Senior management, HRP and ERA are working to secure more resources
        • HRP and ERA are consistently looking to implement efficiencies in the process, such as:
          • Listserv sent 09/20 (attached) – No transcription needed for Renewals with no changes (a “straight renewal”) and
          • Listserv sent today 10/11 (attached) – No transcription for study team amendments
            • This means if you have an amendment to make on a currently approved protocol for study team changes only, you do not need to request atranscription! You can simply make changes to the study team and submit.
              • Eventually your protocol will be transcribed, but if all you need to do is update the study team, then you can wait on transcribing
          • If you have a request currently in our transcription queue because you need to make changes to the study team ONLY, please let us know at era@research.uci.edu so we can take your protocol out of our transcription queue

As always, thank you so much for your patience during this transition period.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Barbara Inderwiesche, CRA
Director, Electronic Research Administration

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