Reminder and Update

Dear Colleagues:

NIH has issued a reminder and update to its policy on post-submission
application materials. Post-submission application materials are those
submitted after submission of the grant application but prior to the
initial peer review.
* Reminders and Updates: NIH Policy on Post-Submission Application
National Institutes of Health
Effective immediately, NIH has implemented the following changes:
1. News of a professional promotion or positive tenure decision for any
Program Directors/Principal Investigators and Senior/Key Personnel also
will be accepted as post-submission application material. The news must
be received by the Scientific Review Officer one month (30 calendar
days) prior to the peer review meeting, and demonstrate concurrence from
the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) of the applicant
2. The policy provides exceptions for applications submitted in
response to RFAs that have a single due date. Because similar issues
apply to the last due date of an RFA with multiple due dates, the policy
is revised through this Notice to apply those exceptions to applications
submitted for the last due date of an RFA.
3. The policy lists acceptable post-submission materials for
institutional training and training-related grants [not fellowships (F
series) or career (K series)] applications, including “appointments
and/or achievements”. With this policy, the following types of
information will be accepted:
* News of a trainee’s or former trainee’s graduation,
employment, promotion, funding, publication or other professional
achievement since the training grant was submitted;
* News of a faculty member’s promotion, funding, publication, or
other professional achievement since the training grant was submitted;
* News of an additional faculty member who will be involved in
the training activity.
All other requirements and exceptions specified in NOT-OD-10-115
remain in effect.
Please review the full guide notice for additional information.

Questions regarding this announcement should be directed to your
Contract and Grant Officer .

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