New Efficiency: Master Recruitment Template

Attention UCI Researchers!

The Recruitment Master Template is now available


Are you conducting exempt or expedited research (i.e., minimal risk)?


Does your study have multiple recruitment documents

(e.g., email, flyer, webposting)?


If the answer is “Yes” to the above,

the new Recruitment Master Template may be  is for you!



Effective May 1, 2023, when more than 1 recruitment material  is to be used, the Recruitment Master Template should be submitted to the IRB for review.

The IRB will stamp the completed master template as approved, but will not review or stamp any final versions of recruitment materials developed from an approved master template.

Final versions of recruitment materials are to be maintained as part of the research record.  These records may be requested by the IRB as part of a quality assurance process.


IMPORTANT! Any subsequent change in the content of the master template that would also require a change to the approved protocol (i.e., eligibility criteria), must be submitted for IRB review and approval via an amendment.



  Recruitment Master Template Eligibility Criteria:


   How to Obtain IRB Approval:



For more information, please see HRP Policy 22 and the HRP webpage on this topic.



Institutional Review Board

Human Research Protections (HRP)



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